This is automated support request reply for P16PRO and PICALL programers.

For any technical info/problems first read instructions below:

1. I recommend you to download windows software PICALLW/P16PRO and install it (check for latest official version 0.14).

P16PRO programmer

1. In dialog window for hardware settings and testing (Settings Hardware P16PRO Settings) your can select the right settings for your programmer. If your programmer has only one VPP then set both VPP and VPP1 same.

2. If you get Programming errors at different locations / increase ProgDelay parameter.

3. If you get Programming Error at location 0000 then you should check all voltages especially VPP.

Turn on VPP and check if the voltage is 13V. Do same for VPP1.

4. In some cases exchanging 74LS0x part can solve the situation as the new part can have better response times. This is valid when you can't reprogram devices with internal oscillator (PIC12F629/675...)

5. Possible solution is also exchanging settings for VPP and VDD. 

For example VDD is D2 and VPP is D3 / then set VDD to D3 and VPP to D2.


If you don't already have the resistor between Vdd and GND then adding 1K resistor between  Vdd and Gnd can improve stability of the programmer.

If you are using version 0.14 May 2003 then please check and eventually correct in PICALLW.INI file  following parameters.




PICALL hardware:

If you use PICALL hardware 3.4 or below and your firmware is 0.2 then for programming PIC18x parts hardware modification is required (for details please look at PICALLW.HLP section hardware PICALL).

Recommended reading  PICALLW.HLP  / especially FAQ.

If this wont help you to solve the problem, please read Section Support Request Form  (in PICALLW.HLP) and write again to address:



If you have any wishes or suggestions, please read  PICALLW.HLP section  Software Maintenance  and if you your's are not listed there, then please resend your mail to:


I will do my best to take your wishes into account, yet ask you to kindly understand that I may usually only respond via this help text.

Please let me know if you solved the problem and how as your answer might help other users.                           

best regards,

Bojan Dobaj





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