PICALL Programmer (KIT117 & KIT144)

Some facts about the new software and PICALL hardware:
PICALL hardware was designed and optimized for programming PIC microcontrollers,but it is also possible to program other devices with it. With new software and PICALL hardware you can program ATMEL's AVR microcontrollers,Scenics SX and serial EEPROMS. In comparation to P16PRO programmer it can program also PICs with parallel programming algorithm (PIC16C5x family) and due to the more flexible also new devices will be added in the future. PICALL hardware is based on PICALL firmware PIC16C62. Software registration is included by buying this firmware PIC.

PICALL picture PICALL Schematics in GIF format Possible PICALL PCB - GIF format PICALL Schematics in PDF format

PICALL Programmer - LPT Port Modification (Advanced) by Mark Jones
PICALL Programmer v3.1 ICSP Adapter for Microchip PICs by Mark Jones

P16PRO Programmer (KIT96 & KIT119)

As you can see, only a few standard elements are used and the hardware is very simple to build. So here are only a few words about hardware. Supply voltage can be either AC or DC. Voltage Vdd must be between 4.5 and 5.5 V. For this purpose integrated stabiliser 78L05 (Vdd=5V) is used. It has current limitation (protection) 100 mA and with this feature protects inserted PIC from damage in case something is wrong connected. Programming voltage 13V is provided with 78L08, which has pin 2 connected to Vdd (not to the ground) and on his output there is a voltage 5+8=13V. Between PC and PIC (textool) there is a one IC 74LS05 (it can be used 74LS06 or 74LS07 too - you can setup this in P16PRO). Five open collector inverters are used for turning on/off programming voltage and Vdd and for transferring data between PC and PIC. Transistors T1 and T2 are used as the switches for turning on/off supply voltage Vdd and programming voltage Vpp. LED D1 and D2 are for indication in which state the programmer is (ready the green LED lights, programming - red LED lights) On the picture below you can see suggestion for one-sided PCB, which can be easily made by yourself. Connection between P16PRO hardware and PC can not be longer than two meters. If you have problems by programming (Programming Failure) and you have a new 486 or pentium motherboard with LTP port on motherboard, then you must connect an additional ceramic capacitor (330 to 470 pF) between ground and pin RB7 on TEXTOOL or you can add additional pull-up resistor (4k7) to ACK line and +5V.

P16PRO picture P16PRO Schematics in GIF format Possible P16PRO PCB - GIF format P16PRO Schematics and PCB in PDF format